Pro-wall 2000 Hi-Build Interior

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MSRP: $ per 5 gallons

Pro-wall 2000 Hi-Build is a durable interior latex formulated especially for spray application. The product provides film thickness equal to 2-4 coats of conventional paint. It provides exceptional hide and good durability. It has no objectionable odor and is non-yellowing; the eggshell and satin sheens have exceptional gloss retention properties. This Hi-Build is especially used to give an even appearance to taped Sheetrock joints.

Pro-wall 2000 Hi-Build is designed for use on new interior Sheetrock, ceiling, and plaster walls. It is frequently used on new construction projects such as apartments, motels, etc. In addition, this product can be used as a block filler and finish on masonry surfaces, over previously painted surfaces and properly primed metal and wood. This Hi-build coating is designed especially for use with an airless sprayer. It may also be brushed or rolled, however doing this will not provide a Hi-build effect. Because of the high solids in this product, a large spray tip and heavy duty sprayer is required. Do not apply below 50°F or above 90°F.

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