About the Factory

Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing, a 50,000 sq. ft. facility in north Minneapolis, produces 5,000 gallons of premium paint a day for commercial contractors and consumer use throughout the Midwest. Some paint even makes it to customers in Japan and China.

Jason Boedigheimer, Director of Operations at the Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing, explains the reasons behind their success. “There’s no skimping on raw materials when we formulate our products. We understand that our customers demand quality and value and have a lot of choices as to where they buy their paint. At Hirshfield’s, whether they’re a large commercial customer with big orders or a couple looking to paint their home, everyone gets top performing products with exceptional service and expert advice to match.”

“We work closely with the painting professionals, listening to their needs and requirements,” Hirshfield says. “Being a local manufacturer gives us the opportunity to develop products for specific application challenges.”


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Hirshfield’s customers also get the latest innovations and technologies thanks to the company’s expansive lab that allows them to quickly adapt to market influences and preferences.

Today those preferences include environmentally friendly no VOC products such as Hirshfield’s ColorPro ZERO and Contractor Select Zero VOC. In addition, Hirshfield’s has never used crystalline silica, mercury, lead or any kind of carcinogenic material in any of their paint. “We want our paint to be as safe as possible for our employees, commercial applicators and homeowners who use our paint in their home,” says Boedigheimer.

But great products are just the beginning of Hirshfield’s commitment to excellence. They are also dedicated to sustainability and treading lightly to leave the smallest footprint possible on our environment using a closed loop system that includes saving wastewater for reuse.

“We live where we work,” concludes Boedigheimer. “It’s only natural that we’d want to serve our neighbors and communities with innovative, high quality and environmentally-friendly products made right here in Minnesota.”