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2021 Trend Colors

Color of the Year 2021


Reassurance and calm are what we are all in need of right now, and with this in mind, we’ve come to view our homes in a whole new light. Enter Simple Serenity 0614; comforting, hopeful and full of possibility, this heavenly hue is our color for 2021.

With some gentle inspiration discover how this serene shade both restores and uplifts. Paired with carefully curated off-whites, muted natural hues and soft graphic complements, our color of the year Simple Serenity 0614, will transform your home into a haven.

Hirshfield's 2021 Color of the Year
Hirshfield's Color of the Year 2021


Simple Serenity is fresh and reassuring when balanced with a palette of soft natural tones. Teamed with muted neutrals Fresh Linen and Hidden Cove, this tinted blue gives living and dining areas a light and airy mood. A perfect fit for bathrooms; Simple Serenity and cool Pale Green Tea feel clean and energizing. Or, be a little creative with these calming shades in a simple decorative mural for your little ones. Ideal for places of respite, this harmonious scheme is designed to restore and rejuvenate.

Hirshfield's 2021 Color of the Year
Hirshfield's Color of the Year 2021
Hirshfield's Color of the Year 2021


As part of a livelier palette, Simple Serenity feels clean and fresh. For a crisp kitchen update, apply alongside Nilla Vanilla and highlights of cheery Fire Dance for a sunny mood. Add the monochrome duo Deep Space and Nilla Vanilla on stairs and banisters to add dramatic definition. Or for a more subtle approach, the tonal transition between Simple Serenity and Chicago Skyline feels effortlessly modern, working well with smooth black furniture and vibrant yellow accessories.

Hirshfield's Color of the Year 2021
Hirshfield's Color of the Yer 2021
Hirshfield's Color of the Year 2021


For instant reassurance and comfort, Simple Serenity brings a breath of fresh air when matched with earthy and sun-bleached hues. Acting as a complementary color, this gentle blue works perfectly with tonal light to dark Kingdom’s Keys, Peace of Mind and Caramel Candy. This is an ideal palette for creating a cozy atmosphere in bedrooms and snug living rooms. For painted exterior doors and woodwork, Simple Serenity is a welcome pop of color next to warm neutral, Big Spender.

Color of the Year 2021


Simple Serenity is truly timeless in this nautical inspired palette. Sophisticated bathrooms have extra impact when Simple Serenity is defined with deep and dark Day Spa for cabinets, coupled with crisp Luna Moon and cooling Ice Flow for walls. For an even bolder look, accent this grouping with a flash of punchy primary red Empower. This contemporary color combination works beautifully for both interior and exterior paint projects.

Color of the Year 2021



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Color & Inspiration — Understanding Color

2020 Trend Colors

Hirshfield’s Paints 2020 Trend Colors & Color of the Year

Brave, expansive and openly outspoken, Lioness 0864, Color of The Year 2020, exudes independence, generosity and light. As we continue to break boundaries and defy definition, we are also discovering new ways to relate to each other in our constant search for connection.


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Hirshfield's 2020 Color Trends card
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Hirshfield's Color of the Year 2020

The contrast between our yearning to be part of the pride and desire to buck the crowd informs the eclectic mix of muted tones and vibrant hues emerging as perfect pairings for our color of the year, Lioness. With a few helpful hints, find inspiration in this glorious shade and all its possibilities; as the leader of this trend, Lioness is a bold encouraging color that says Go ahead, roar a little!


2020 Color Trends
2020-Color-of-the- year-hirshfields

Hirshfield’s Paints 2019 Trend Colors

The colors for 2019 reflect the contrasts of everyday life, celebrated here with four dynamic palettes. Past and future intertwine in DNA, while craft and technology are celebrated in unison with Craft Luxe and Humanity Within. The natural world takes center stage with the restorative colors of The Happiness Project contrasting with the otherworldly depths of our Color of The Year: Into the Stratosphere.


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Celebrating our roots is at the heart of this palette. Through nostalgia and the power of the future, we have colors that will move us forward with Atmosphere and Into the Stratosphere. Treasuring our past through the classic shades of Sweet Angelica, Kung Fu and Sugar Dust.

0627 – Into The Stratosphere
Immersed in this captivating dark blue we can imagine a journey into deep seas and endless night skies. Uplifting yet mysterious, and eternally elegant, this midnight hue is sure to transform any space into something extraordinary.


0109 kung fu

Craft Luxe

Unexpected harmony emerges from this craft inspired group. Framed by the contrasting neutrality of deep November Storms and comforting Elk Skin, a unique duo shine through. The artistic pairing of Temptress and Yellow Umbrella center you as the curator of gorgeous décor.


Humanity Within

The blurring of boundaries between man and machine inspires this collection. Curious technology inspired neutrals are reflected in Techile and Dark River, while Oak Tone and Power Lunch hint at the humanity within. A passionate punch of Siren is the lifeblood and energy of the group.


The Happiness Project

With a joyful attitude, this palette is the remedy for our hectic lives. The restorative power of nature flows from the calming neutrals of Deep Space and Ice Flow with a verdant pop of Perennial Garden. The happy glow of Jack-O-Lantern is as cheerful as the name suggests.


Hirshfield’s Paints 2018 Trend Colors

Colors for 2018 have an air of quiet sophistication with beautiful palettes crafted to enhance your mood and environment. A modern approach to neutrals is a key feature with our Color of the Year Plume Grass as a perfect example. This delicately tinted neutral from our Eco-Chic collection hints at the softest green of wild summer grasses to blend effortlessly inside and outside of your home.

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Hirshfield's 2018 Color Trends


Nature’s gifts will forever inspire our décor, and with this capsule collection of gentle outdoor hues we bring the delicate interplay of color and light inside. The grounding tones of Day Spa and Moonscape are elevated with the whisper of Plume Grass and misty Metal Flake.

0414 – Plume Grass
A subtly green tinted shade capturing the swaying of wild grasses in a summer breeze. This atmospheric hue is the epitome of a modern neutral, clearly tinted but delicately balanced making it perfect as a fashion statement with a timeless feel.


0414 plume grass
0227 moonscape
0479 stairway to heaven
0447 metal flake
0634 day spa


The retro inspiration and innovative combination of fresh hues and contemporary neutrals within this palette feels at once surprising and familiar. Summer Memory rekindles our love affair with a vibrant coral calmed by the refreshing Plunge green and a duo of subtly nuanced greys.

0539 place of dust
0554 sparrow
1052 summer memory
0701 plunge

Serenity Found

This harmonious quartet of serene classics inspire a mood of reflection and inspiration. The uplifting warmth of Blessed Blue and the rich depth of Kung Fu are showcased by the modern neutrality of Au Natural and Burning Idea.

0222 au natural
0667 blessed blue
0373 burning idea
0109 kung fu

Elegant Simplicity

The most perfectly balanced palette of color perfection. From the decadent luxury of Wildwood and Berry Crush to the cool elegance of Soft Leather and Italian Ice. A gentle pink breath of Cliffswallow is the most contemporary of highlights.

0031 italian ice
0081 berry crush
0336 soft leather
0131 cliffswallow
0214 wildwood