Toll Manufacturing

Our Manufacturing facility in Minneapolis, MN is one of the largest local independent manufacturers of architectural paints and specialty coatings in the Midwest.  Those factors are able to position Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing as a unique toll manufacturer for our customers across the Midwest and throughout China and Japan.  Contact us today to learn more about private label and toll manufacturing services.

Flexible Manufacturing

As a local independent manufacturer Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing has a unique ability to quickly fulfill customer needs on a specific application basis.

  • Provide coating solutions to the modular home manufacturing segment, the paper coating industry, roof coatings, as well as provide products and components to the decorating product industry.
  • Several full-time staff chemists to assist in specific formulations.
  • Supports low VOC environmental friendly products

Convenient Fulfillment

Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing is able to offer a wide range of order fulfillment options; coupled with our flexible operation size, we are able to solve your manufacturing challenges.

  • Custom batch sizes ranging from 100 gallons to 3,000 gallons.
  • Ability to fill in tank wagons, totes, drums, 5 gallon pails, gallons, and quarts depending on your application.
  • Average turn around time from the receiving date of the order to the shipping date of the order is typically less than 5 business days.


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