Pro-wall 2000 Dry Fog

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MSRP: $ per 5 gallons

ProWall 2000 Dry Fog is a quick drying, dry-drop coating that is designed especially for airless application on warehouse ceilings, etc. This product provides good light reflectancy and low dirt pickup. On ceiling heights of 10 feet or more, the overspray from this product is usually dry the time it reaches the floor and can be swept ot or vacuumed up. It has unique flash rust inhibitors to retard rust bleed through.

ProWall 2000 Dry Fog is excellent for use on open bar joist “warehouse” type ceilings commonly found in manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, retail stores, etc. It is also suitable for use on interior concrete, and most other building materials.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.