Water-Bourne Two-Component Acrylic Epoxy

MSRP: $ per gallon

Hirshfield’s Industrial Water-Bourne Two-Component Acrylic Epoxy is a low odor, acrylic based epoxy coating suitable for interior use where a durable, abrasion, chemical and stain resistant finish is required. This product is HAPs free, making it ideal for use in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, as well as other commercial and industrial applications. This acrylic epoxy may be applied directly to properly primed wood, drywall and ferrous metal. By using different activators (ie. #9705 you achieve a satin finish, or #9706 a semi-gloss finish). This product is a two-component system and must be mixed. Thoroughly mix 1 part of epoxy activator with four parts of acrylic base. For simplicity this product is supplied in pre-packaged quantities that, when combined and mixed, produce one gallon of mixed material and five gallons of mixed material. After induction time has passed this product may be brushed, rolled or spray applied. Do not use product that has exceeded the pot life.

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