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Farrow & Ball has a cult following when it comes to their palette of 132 timeless colors. Farrow & Ball paints are born and bred in Dorset, England, their home since 1946. Founders John Farrow and Richard Ball were passionate about creating richly pigmented paint using age-old methods and it’s a passion that is matched by their craftsmen today. All Farrow & Ball finishes are water-based, quick drying, and low in odor and VOC’s.

New Dead Flat

Farrow & Ball released a new paint finish — it’s their new and improved Dead Flat. This is Farrow & Ball’s most matte finish with a 2% sheen similar to Estate Emulsion, however, Dead Flat is considered an upgrade for the following reasons:
  • it is washable, wipeable and scuff resistant
  • it is a hybrid finish, still eco friendly, but much more durable
  • it is multi-surface and can be used on walls, woodwork, trim and radiators
 The unique formulation, of the New Dead Flat with a 2% sheen, reduces light reflection making the color appear richer and and deeper. All Farrow & Ball colors including the Archive colors are available in the Dead Flat finish.
Modern Emulsion (7% sheen) should still be used in bathrooms or anywhere with steam/moisture, as it contains a mildewcide. The New Dead Flat is washable, but it is not formulated to withstand constant moisture/steam.
The R&D team has been working on this formulation for the past five years and they’re very excited to  introduce New Dead Flat to Farrow & Ball fans. 
Sample pots available at Hirshfield’s Edina and Roseville stores. 
Hirshfield’s Edina can tint Farrow & Ball in the store, but with all the sheens and bases they sometimes will have to order in product. Stop by or make a phone call. 

Guess what’s new at Hirshfield’s Edina?

A brand new Farrow & Ball tinting machine is what’s new! Our Edina store can now tint all Farrow & Ball paint colors at their location!!  The paint bases used for in-can tinting are created with care at the Farrow & Ball factory in Dorset, England, and use exactly the same balance of high-quality ingredients as ready-mixed Farrow & Ball paints.

The store is stocking the following finishes:

  • Estate® Emulsion
  • Estate® Eggshell
  • Modern Emulsion
  • Modern Eggshell
  • New Dead Flat

Finishes not mentioned will still have to be ordered and that is a 2-3 day turnaround. We are not stocking huge quantities so give the store a call first and they’ll check stock for you before you make a special trip.

Farrow & Ball sample pots available at our Edina and Roseville locations. Color cards available at all our stores or email mrh@hirshfields.com and we’ll put the palette of 132 colors in the mail.

Hirshfield’s Edina and Hirshfield’s Design Studio carry the Farrow & Ball wallpaper collections. Handcrafted wallpapers, made using Farrow & Ball paints and printed in the traditional block-printing method. 


Liberty London 

If ever two British brands were more suited to each other the collaboration of Farrow & Ball and Liberty is it. 

This special edit pairs 15 colors from the Farrow & Ball Archive with complementary fabrics from Liberty Modern Collector collection. Experts from both brands hand-picked colors and prints to create this timeless offering.

The magic number for Farrow & Ball’s palette is 132 colors. When new paint colors are added, the “bumped” colors shift over to their diverse Archive collection of over 100 colors. The Liberty design team had an impressive palette to work from when choosing paint colors to complement their exquisite fabrics.

Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball’s colour curator, said: “Each of our Archive colours is greatly treasured – many customers consider them hidden jewels, which makes them very appealing. Others take comfort in knowing that a favourite colour used to decorate one’s home years ago is still readily available today. Each one is as loved now as when it was first created.”

View the Paint and Pattern Edit here
Sample pots are available at the following Hirshfield’s locations: Edina and Roseville

Hirshfield’s Shop at Home has Liberty fabric books on hand and you can contact them at 651-366-6969.




Welcome to The California Collection, a palette of eight new sun-soaked paint colors created in partnership with internationally recognized designer Kelly Wearstler. Allow yourself to be whisked away to the misty shores, palm-lined streets and desert highways of California with these versatile shades, each one crafted with an eco-friendly water base.

This Kelly Wearstler collaboration is the first time Farrow & Ball has worked with an outside designer since the company was founded in 1946. ‘Kelly Wearstler is an ideal partner because she shares Farrow & Ball’s appreciation of design and color’ explains Anthony Davey, CEO at Farrow & Ball. ‘There are many consumers who have an aesthetic desire to try something new and Kelly is the perfect design master to show them how.’

A California native since her twenties, Kelly brings her unrivalled eye for color and form to Farrow & Ball’s new collection, with effortless combinations and expertly style rooms to inspire.  Her advice:  “If you want to take a baby step with color, try Faded Terracotta. Everyone looks good in a room in that color. It gives you that nice, rosy glow.”



Color names clockwise from top right:  Citrona, Faded Terracotta, Hazy Palm, Salt, Sand, Stoke, and Tar.

Available at Hirshfield’s Edina location

This collaboration offers large swatch samples, painted in Estate Emulsion, for purchase at $8 each. There are no sample pots available with The California Collection.

This collection is available in four interior finishes: Estate Emulsion, Modern Emulsion, Estate Eggshell and Modern Eggshell.

“California has that feeling of optimism and sunshine, and I want to bring that to the world.”  Kelly Wearstler


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