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Bits & Pieces: Hirshfield’s Lake Street is Closing

She did eighty-three years on an ever-changing main drag in Minneapolis. Cobblestones and street cars (and probably a horse here and carriage there) in the Thirties gave way to the fast cars and drive-in malts of the Fifties and the myriad ebb and flow in the last half of the past century brings us to...
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Cottage Paint

Bits & Pieces: Dip-Dyed Furniture

Anyone who’s ever wished that ombré and color blocking would fall in love and procreate will be very excited about the advent of a new trend in color-dipped furniture. – Jennifer Hunter on Apartment Therapy Love, love, love the dip-dyed look! It looks super easy as far as DIY projects go. Dip-dyed pieces lend a...
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Bits & Pieces: Boys’ Bedroom in Chelsea Gray

  I’ve been ruminating about this room since I first laid eyes on it. No bells, whistles, or gimmicks, and I’m still in love with it! I asked Becky (Hirshfield’s Design Studio) to tell me what makes this room work? Here’s her take on why this room is so fabulous: the combination of patterns do...
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Bits & Pieces: Lark Nest Design Show-and-Tell

Kim, from Lark Nest Design, posted one of her lovely furniture makeovers which I want to share with you. She started out with a thrift store find. Note the very cool circle detail on the arms.  She used Slate and Bimini from our Cottage Paint line, paired with a gorgeous fabric. It turned out so...
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Friday Finds: Pallets Project

Wood pallet project ideas embrace the inner do-it-yourselfer. They range on any level of expertise and the ideas never run out. From chic and elegant to country rustic, wooden pallets accentuate decorations and room color. These often discarded pieces can easily be attained. As they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!
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Bits & Pieces: Ombré from Benjamin Moore Color Chats

Benjamin Moore Color Chats did a great blog post on the ombré trend I thought I’d share with you. Ombré is a paint application that makes anyone look like a master painter. Use the paint colors on a color strip or mix your own secret formulas and you’ll end up with a one-of-a-kind wall or...
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Bits & Pieces: Thibaut’s Faux Bois Wallpaper

I planted the seed a couple of weeks ago. In passing, I mentioned to my husband, ” Think about horizontal (painted) wood planking on the headboard wall in our bedroom.” Audible groan, and then, “what are YOU talking about?” In our house, my ideas = husband doing a lot of the work. That was before...
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Bits & Pieces: Foxy Finds

Julia (Hirshfield’s Design Studio) is my trends prognosticator. Emerging trends, on-trend, or trends, where I’m the last one to the party, and the party was two years ago. Julia knows all. Last year I asked Julia for her predictions on what design trends we would be seeing in 2012. Her prediction totally caught me off...
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Bits & Pieces: Sarah’s Before & After Photos

You recognize this living room don’t you? It’s a typical living room of a certain era; large picture window with two side windows, front door off to one side, hardwood floor and fireplace optional. (I bet there’s a coat closet behind the opened front door) Check out the “after” photo and see how the new...
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Bits & Pieces: Leather Flooring Made From…

How seriously cool is this leather rug repurposed from belts? Can you stand it? I have to give credit to Cupboards for sharing the Ting love. Did anyone else instantly think, ” I can do that?” Head over to Cupboards for more leather love! Wall treatment from belts
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