Bits & Pieces: Dip-Dyed Furniture

Cottage Paint



Anyone who’s ever wished that ombré and color blocking would fall in love and procreate will be very excited about the advent of a new trend in color-dipped furniture. – Jennifer Hunter on Apartment Therapy

Love, love, love the dip-dyed look! It looks super easy as far as DIY projects go. Dip-dyed pieces lend a playful feeling to a room and a fun way to add a touch of unexpected color to a room. The two chairs from Mobel Pobel (first photo) look so lovely; they’re like pieces of artwork on display.



These country baskets and bags turn modern with a dip in a bath of white paint. Pastels would look amazing against the natural reeds and grasses.



Uncertain about dip dying? Chopsticks would be the perfect starter project.



This table is painted with Cottage Paint and the legs are dip-dyed with Benjamin Moore’s Molten Metallic paint.


Hally's, Parsons Green, London                                         Dip-dyed pastels – über cool!

Soooo, what do you think? Are you in? I solemnly swear to back this trend to the best of my ability! Test the waters by picking up a small piece at the thrift store and see what happens. If you don’t like your first attempt, paint over it and try again. Happy painting!

1 & 2.  Mobel Pobel
3. Martha Stewart  Photographer: Dana Gallagher
4. Poppy Talk
5. Hirshfield’s
6. thekitchn
Image: Helen Cathcart, design by Alexander Waterworth Interiors

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