Friday Finds: Pallets Project

Wood pallet project ideas embrace the inner do-it-yourselfer. They range on any level of expertise and the ideas never run out. From chic and elegant to country rustic, wooden pallets accentuate decorations and room color. These often discarded pieces can easily be attained. As they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

1. Coffee table. Paint, screws, and voila!

Home stores often give pallets away for free.
Home stores often give pallets away for free.

2. Pallet bookshelves. One pallet gives you bang for the buck, resulting in two bookshelves. Pry off the center strips of the pallet, reusing it to create the bottom of the shelf. Use a jigsaw to cut and finally stain. For more intensive directions, read more here.

Pallet bookshelf

3. Pallet art. Even the most artistic person can handle this one! Stain the pallet and use a stencil to keep your favorite quote or words of wisdom as a daily reminder hanging in your room.

Pallet Art

4. Keep it comfy with a pallet day bed. The instructions are surprisingly simple and result in an afternoon escape. Sand the pallets smooth. Bolt two pallets together on the tops and bottoms. Add a cushy mattress and pillows to the top. It’s nothing but sweet dreams after that. 

Pallet Day Bed

5. Pallet headboard. Stack pallets behind your bed and bolt together for sturdiness. This look is perfect for lofts and houses with unfinished elements like brick walls that accentuate the warehouse look.

Pallet HeadboardWhat are your best wooden pallet ideas? Have you tried any of these?

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    1. Marsha

      Start with a hammer and a pry bar (Gorilla brand is good). You can also use a sawzal to cut the nails. Get a metal cutting blade for your sawzall. Good luck.

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