Bachman’s Spring Revival Ideas House 2015

Bachman's Living Wall

Spring Design Inspiration from a Minnesota Tradition

The Bachman’s Spring Revival idea house is filled with attractive and affordable ways you can put your personal stamp on room design. This year, many inventive solutions utilizing found art and objects were featured.

Bike wall at Bachman's Spring Ideas House 2015


Who needs a conventional headboard? Make the space above a bed an eye-catching focal point using a large-scale, found object – in this case a replica of an antique bicycle. A warm color like 0294 Rub Elbows provides the background with enough contrast to make every element pop.

Sun Room

Nothing speaks freshness quite like houseplants. Try multiple foliage levels in interesting groupings, and remember the magic number three to make clustered objects and plants harmonious. Carry the theme through to trellis wallpaper for that arboretum feeling. Here Madison Geometrics is used (or, check out our earlier blog entry about Thibaut’s new geometric pattern possibilities.)

Living Wall Bachman's Spring Ideas House 2015

Make a wall literally come alive! A hydroponic wall garden is the ultimate way to bring the outdoors in. Remember to vary plant foliage shades for visual interest and dimension. A soft color like 02-74 Polished Marble supports the theme without the misstep of an over-matchy shade of green.

Driftwood Tiebacks

 The color and texture of the driftwood tiebacks add another layer of interest in the Yoga Room.

Bathroom corner in Bachman's Spring Ideas House 2015

A self-guided tour of the house lets you see in detail how to make your home welcoming and inviting with flower arrangements, table settings, and interior décor vignettes. Bachman’s customers are lucky to have such an inspirational venue with the changing of every season.

Yoga Room

Epic Zen is the name of the game in this calming space filled with an inspirational living wall, a water feature, yoga mats, and soft blue-green hues, featuring (appropriately) Hirshfield’s 0462 Resting Place.

Think outside – and even inside! – the box this Spring as you decorate with planters. Here, an old Hope Chest repurposed and repainted creates the perfect staging ground for faux dogwood and the always pleasing pussy willow. Ideas like this are perfect ways to use up the remnants of colors used in past painting projects.

Repurposed Sunshine Chest

The Spring Ideas House is open seven days a week, March 19 through April 19, 2015. Tickets cost $5 for adults, with 20% of the ticket proceeds benefiting Friends of the Institute, a volunteer organization of members of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts dedicated to supporting, enhancing, and sustaining the collections, programs, and influence of the MIA.

Hirshfield’s Paint colors used in the house:
0012 Bunny Cake
0211 Light Lichen
0273 Sandstone Palette
0273 Sandstone Palette
0274 Polished Marble
OC68 Distant Gray
0274 Polished Marble
0273 Sandstone Palette
B3169P245242- Madison Geometrics
0273 Sandstone Palette
0273 Sandstone Palette
0462 Resting Place
0477 Ocean Cruise
0477 Ocean Cruise
0294 Rub Elbows

Any of our Hirshfield’s paint specialists would be happy to help you find the colors used in the Bachman’s Spring Revival Idea House 2015.

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