Dress Up Your Ceiling



White Dove by Benjamin Moore


Trim: Ice Mist, Ceiling: Blue Bonnet, Walls: Waterfall all by Benjamin Moore


You know that picking out the perfect color for your walls or the perfect rug for your floors can really enhance the look of a room. But don’t forget that the ceiling can also play a pivotal role in transforming a space.

White is a popular ceiling color because of its neutrality. This also makes it the safest choice. But making an impact with your ceiling color doesn’t mean you have you have to choose a bold, bright color. Consider using a color a shade or two lighter than your wall color. This will ensure that the wall and ceiling tones will work well together and it will also create a nice flow of color.

Million Dollar Red by Benjamin Moore


Marbled Gold ceiling by Benjamin Moore

If your walls are white, don’t think this means your ceilings have to be white too. Adding color to the ceiling will give the room dimension. Soft hues – like light blue, yellow or green – will make the room open up. If you want to bring the ceiling down, consider painting it a darker color like the red shown in the kid’s bathroom.


Photo by Meagan Larsen

Wallpaper is a great alternative to paint. This is a great trick for covering up a or damaged ceiling. Heavily embossed wallpaper can add an old world flair while large graphic patterns can add a modern touch. Frame the ceiling with a wallpaper border or wood molding.

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