How to Clean Window Treatments for Spring

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  Spring Cleaning: Freshen Your Window Treatments

There’s nothing like freshly washed windows to announce that Spring – and its beautiful sunlight – is here! Don’t diminish that fresh look with window treatments in need of a good cleaning.

Window coverings can be tremendous dust collectors and need to be cleaned periodically. And no time is better than spring, with its bright light and crisp breeze. Here are some pointers on how to clean your window treatments safely, and with great results.
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Blinds and Plantation Shutters

With wooden and metallic blinds, roller shades, and other horizontal treatments, the main concern is dust control:

  • The new dusting cloths on the market can be particularly helpful or you can use the dusting attachment of your vacuum.
  • Consider microfiber cloths, which are lint free, non-abrasive and hypoallergenic – and great at grabbing dust and dirt.
  • Avoid using magnetic cleaners like dusting mitts on light-dimming fabrics as you may damage the backing.
Heritance Hardwood Shutter | Hunter Douglas
Heritance Hardwood Shutter | Hunter Douglas (2014 Product of the Year!)
You can also grab an old pair of socks and wash blinds and shutters with one hand and dry with the other. If your white tapes or cords are looking dingy, consider either wiping them down with bleach solution or taking a cloth soaked in white shoe polish and gently touching them up. Be sure, though, not to soak wooden blinds or shutters, which may warp.

Draperies and Roman Shades

Although we don’t recommend a specific cleaning schedule for drapes and curtains, you can improve their longevity with regular maintenance. Check labels on sheers and other treatments before you toss them in your washing machine to make sure they are washable. If they are, tumble dry to the touch and take them straight to your rods, and you will most likely avoid ironing.


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As with blinds, vacuuming can greatly improve appearance and contribute to longevity of curtains and drapes. Use your brush attachment, but take a moment before you begin to make sure the attachment itself is good and clean, so you don’t inadvertently bring dirt to the cleaning process. Fabric can be particularly unforgiving of this error! You can also use compressed air in a can to blast off dust on swags or scarves and involved fabric elements like rosettes.
Dawn Feda custom draperies
Custom panels over Hunter Douglas Luminettes | Dawn Feda | Hirshfield’s Shop at Home

With just a few hours of work on your window treatments, your awakening from winter hibernation with a good Spring cleaning can be even more complete. Gone are dust, dirt and pet hair, and you can throw open the windows to let the fresh air flow in!

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