What the Color of Your Front Door Says About You

Blue front Door

Put Your Personality Right Upfront

What’s so fascinating about the portal to a house? Perhaps it’s because an interesting front door communicates something about the personality you’ll find inside. What does your front door color say about your mood and your home?

yellow front door Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore Yellow Hibiscus 357 | Source

Here are some thoughts as you consider color for this focal point of your home’s exterior.

Benjamin Moore Sangria front door
Benjamin Moore Sangria 2006-20 Source | Photo by Ed Gohlich

Maybe you’d like to apply some principles of feng shui as you choose a new hue. If so, choose a bright, fresh color, which is believed to brighten the chi, or energy, of the doorway. Perhaps a fresh persimmon or melon. Do so, and your door will say, “lively people” within! A red door symbolizes welcome, and the door is considered the “Mouth of Chi,” where energy enters. Red is the color of welcome and protection in other cultures, as well. The classic door color of colonial America was red, but not just any red: A bright cherry, often complemented with a brass door knocker. Recreate this timeless combination today with shades ranging from pomegranate to crimson. If you want to communicate, “Friendly folks inside!” a red door is for you.

                                                                                    Traditional Entry by Hingham Home Stagers Beth Goldfarb

Blue, the color of sea and sky, evokes tranquility. If you want to convey that your home as much a retreat as a lodging, choose anything from a periwinkle to indigo, and have your home signal “tranquility within.” Move more deeply into the color spectrum to a shade of violet to evoke themes of peace, compassion or meditation.

                                                      Modern Entry by Berkeley Architects & Building Designers Koch Architects, Inc. Joanne Koch

Door colors can also signal a mood change within. Feeling a little cabin weary and ready for an about-to-burst Spring? Choose a lovely leaf green. Do you sense that clarity and positive change are afoot? Choose a sunny yellow. Want to radiate that feminine power lies within? Choose white, the color of the moon, purity and cleanliness.

                                                                     Traditional Entry by Montreal Interior Designers & Decorators Wow Great Place

Finally, if you want your door to have timeless appeal and communicate a serious attitude, go with classic black. Black speaks to sophistication and power. Or skirt right up to that statement by choosing a rich brown or complex shade like raisin or granite. But be careful: In some cultures, dark shades communicate that the person within does not want to be disturbed! One line of paint expressly designed for the doorway is Benjamin Moore’s Grand Entrance® – a high end exterior door and trim enamel that creates the deep, rich look and feel of European doors. The waterborne alkyd formula allows for easier application and long-lasting beauty. Unlike alkyds (oil paint) Grand Entrance® will retain its gloss and color for years.

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