Fabulous Front Door Paint Ideas

Benjamin Moore Fresh Air 806

 Brighten Your Front Door

What’s your home’s curb appeal? How does it feel when you pull up to your front door? Is the door just a functional part of the facade, or does it create a grand entrance? A simple, inexpensive exterior makeover will add plenty of curb appeal (and home value) and welcome you home each day. And with paint products designed specifically for doors make it even easier to brighten your world.

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray HC-169 (body); Cloud Cover OC-25 (trim); Jet Black 2120-10(accent)

New Options

Create a fabulous front door by adding a splash of color. More paint colors and options are available than ever before including a whole generation of hybrid paints – oil solid suspended in water. Wendy Doornink, Hirshfield’s Color Services Manager, has been busy helping people with color scheming the outside of their homes year round. “There’s an old saying in our industry that if a product is designed specifically for a project you are doing, then it is probably the best recommendation.”


Breath of Fresh Air 806 Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore Paint Breath of Fresh Air 806

Pick the Right Paint

One line of paint expressly designed for the doorway is Benjamin Moore’s Grand Entrance® – a high end exterior door and trim enamel that creates the deep, rich look and feel of European doors. The waterborne alkyd formula allows for easier application and long lasting beauty. Unlike alkyds (oil paint) Grand Entrance® will retain its gloss and color for years.

Wendy says her favorites of this line include Matisse Blue, Tavern Door, and Impressionist Ruby but to keep in mind these are only of few of the many colors available. Thousands of additional colors are also offered from the regular Benjamin Moore color system, which is the most extensive in the paint industry.

Benjamin Moore Grand Entrance

Grand Entrances

Not sure what color might work for your own front door? The entrance of a home is a “preview” of what’s to come, so consider a paint color that looks good with the interior of the home when your open the door.

Wendy adds “traditional homes usually look best using classic colors like a deep, rich bottle green, or a nice red wine color. A contemporary home might look great with a front door done in a bright bold color, and bright aqua color or a bright orange.”

Whether you are a traditionalist, or have an expressive artist flair, we have options to help you find the perfect color to introduce yourself to the world.

Benjamin Moore’s Grand Entrance® is available in two gloss levels, Satin and Gloss. Wendy usually recommends a Satin finish for front doors.

Raspberry Glaze 2078-20 Benjamin Moore
The cheerful paint color on this door is Raspberry Glaze 2078-20 by Benjamin Moore


Body: Storm AF-700; Trim: Gray Owl OC-52; Ceiling: Marblehead Gold HC-11; Door: Witching Hour 2120-30.


Grand Entrance is available at the following Hirshfield’s stores:  Bismarck, Edina, Eden Prairie, Fargo, Hudson, Monticello, Ramsey, Rochester, Sioux Falls, Uptown, Wayzata and Woodbury.

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