Friday Finds: Does White Make a Room Seem Larger?

Is White the Way to Go? If you have a smaller room in your home and you want to make it appear more spacious, you might assume that white would do the trick. However, that’s not necessarily the case. According to color expert Kate Smith, who gives wonderful paint advice in Minnesota, a small room...
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The Best Junk Round-Up in the Nation is in Minnesota!

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind treasures for your home, then we suggest you hop in line for the Junk Bonanza! The best junk round-up in the nation rolls in to Shakopee, Minnesota on September 13 and runs through September 15. The Junk Bonanza provides a gathering spot for purveyors and shoppers of vintage finds, beautiful...
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Keeping Summer Style in Your Home All Year

Can we all just agree that summer goes by much too quickly here in Minnesota? Ok? Agreed. Thankfully, design transcends time and allows us to keep summer alive in our homes all year long! Here are some of our favorite year-round summer-inspired design elements: Grass cloth wallcoverings Adding natural elements, like grass cloth wallcoverings, to your...
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Outdoor Decorating Solutions

Summer is the best time of year to get the neighbors together for a backyard cookout or a relaxing drink on the patio. Especially here in the Midwest, we need to take advantage of the short time frame we have to spend time outside! Turn your backyard into a fun and inviting space with these...
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Friday Finds: Getting Your Home Ready for Summer

Summer doesn’t officially start until June 20, but it’s pretty much understood here in Minnesota that Memorial Day is the “unofficial” start to summer! And with the warm temps we’ve been having here in the Twin Cities and across the state, it seems as if Mother Nature is just as anxious for summer to arrive...
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Getting Your Home Cleaned and Organized for Spring

Spring has finally arrived in Minnesota! This is probably the one time of the year when the word “cleaning” actually has a positive connotation! It just feels so good to get the whole house cleaned and organized after the dreary winter months. Here are some tips for getting your home in fabulous spring form! Swap...
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Back to School: Painting 101

School is in session! As most Minnesota students are heading back to class this week, we thought now would be a good time to host our own little education session on something we love teach about – paint! So take some notes, this information will be on the test! Before you get started on any...
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Friday Finds: Only In Minnesota…

The Minnesota State Fair rolls into town this month! The great Minnesota get-together celebrates all things that make Minnesota, well, Minnesota. The history, the people, and of course, the food – some things you can only get here! I mean, where else will you find a deep-fried Norwegian Banana Split (banana wrapped in lefse, deep...
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Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing Tour

Did you know that gallon of Hirshfield’s paint you just purchased was manufactured right here in Minneapolis? Hirshfield’s employees live where they work and serve their communities with high quality products that are innovative, environmentally friendly and made right here in Minnesota.  
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Decorating For The Fishing Lover

Fishing season is officially underway! For Minnesotans, fishing is more than just a leisurely past-time, it’s a lifestyle. So it’s no wonder the rustic and natural feel of most fishing cabins have trickled down into our year-round homes. Just leave the fishy smell out on the lake please! In the past, before transportation was as...
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