Getting Your Home Cleaned and Organized for Spring

Spring has finally arrived in Minnesota! This is probably the one time of the year when the word “cleaning” actually has a positive connotation! It just feels so good to get the whole house cleaned and organized after the dreary winter months. Here are some tips for getting your home in fabulous spring form!

  • Swap out those heavy quilts and blankets for lighter-weight bedding. Store your winter blankets in under-bed boxes, zippered bags, or vacuum-seal storage bags, which save space and protect against insects. Insert cedar or lavender sachets for extra freshness.
  • Changing out your wall artwork can make a space feel fresh and new. Better Homes & Gardens has some great ideas for filling wall space, including a DIY gallery shelf, reflective artwork, basket art and wallpaper art.
DIY gallery shelf
Better Homes & Gardens
curb appeal

If you have any questions about picking the right paint color or painting supplies for your spring-cleaning project, stop into your local Hirshfield’s. The paint experts at Hirshfield’s are happy to answer any of your questions!

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