Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing Tour

Did you know that gallon of Hirshfield’s paint you just purchased was manufactured right here in Minneapolis? Hirshfield’s employees live where they work and serve their communities with high quality products that are innovative, environmentally friendly and made right here in Minnesota.


Hirshfield’s has been selling paint since the late 1800’s and making paint here in Minneapolis since 1982. About 4,000 gallons of paint are manufactured here every day. Take a look inside Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing facility in today’s video.

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  1. NotPicaso

    How many gallons are made per day?

    Have the natural disasters in Japan effected your acquisition of raw materials for paint?

    Very cool to see what goes into a pail of paint!

    1. Marsha


      On an average day the paint plant produces 4,000 gallons per day. We don’t purchase raw materials from Japan; our raw materials are purchased from the United States and Canada.

      Thanks for the comment.

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