Personalize Your Cabin

With the long Memorial Day weekend coming up, many of us are starting to get the car packed and ready to go for a nice, relaxing weekend at the cabin. Whether your cabin has been in the family for generations or is just newly constructed, it doesn’t hurt to take this first official weekend of summer to evaluate the current decor of your weekend hideaway.

Is the decor looking a little old? Or are just looking to try something new. Either way, you can adapt just about any design style to your cabin – here’s some inspiration to help you find the perfect look!

Do you want your cabin to be warm and cozy? There’s nothing better than curling up by the fireplace, wrapped in a warm blanket, surrounded by rich pillows, rugs and window coverings.

Country Living

Clean and modern? Simplicity lends itself nicely to cabin design. All you really need at the cabin are the necessities – so less is definitely more!


Maybe a little Southwestern? Bold colors can make your cabin feel much warmer, even when the weather doesn’t exactly say, “Summer.”


Or outdoors all the way? Mother Nature is the perfect design inspiration, especially when you’re surrounded by her! When you bring the outdoors in, you never have to feel like you’re missing out on the great outdoors.


Or, do what one of our bloggers did and use your cabin as a space to showcase the items or style that just doesn’t fit in your home. You can read her blog here.

Enjoy the long weekend!

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