Kids Rooms For All Ages

Creating a child’s room can be a fun design project. Colors and themes are really only limited by your imagination.But, you do want to consider how the room will grow with the child. Making some smart decisions in the beginning will save you a lot of headaches and money in the long run.

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First – look at your walls. Choose a color or wallpaper that will age well. You might think your baby girl’s nursery should be all pink – but what if she ends up loving orange or purple? Go with something neutral on the walls and use those brighter colors as accents.

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Bedding and window coverings are great ways to bring in a color or pattern – you can change them without too much hassle. Wall decals are also a great way to bring in a cartoon or character theme without too much commitment.

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Many of the decals available now, including WallPops! and Roommates at Hirshfield’s, can be taken off without damaging your walls – they can even be re-applied! Decals are also a great way to adjust to the different favorites that children have throughout the years.

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When buying a bed, look at the furniture from how it works now to how it might work in 5 or 10 years. If you’re going with bunk beds, make sure you like the beds when they’re also separated. If you are creating a princess room, make sure the bed’s canopy can be removed.

Dressers are another way to customize a room while still being practical about the furniture’s use down the road. It’s simple to swap out hardware to make it adorable for a baby to something more sophisticated for a teenager.

Kids’ rooms need lots of storage – for their toys, books and collections. Choosing bookshelves in a basic style and neutral color will help the furniture grow with your child. Thing big too – getting a tall shelf can help you maximize vertical space in the room. And even if a toddler doesn’t have enough stuff to fill it – he soon will.

Children will create all sorts of artwork as they grow up. One way to display some of those priceless creations is to use frames.


 Pop drawings in and out and you have a revolving wall of colorful art. As a child grows up, why not frame her favorite childhood book?

This idea from HGTV is a great one – use clear kitchen as storage on top of a dresser or desk.

HGTV – Holly Mathis Storage

They’re perfect for crayons and small toys. And, once your child gets older you can re-use the containers to hold everything from art supplies to barrettes and hair bands.

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