Lake Home and Cabin Show

Lake Home and Cabin Show Preview

Minnesotans love our lakes. In the summer, we can’t wait to get to the cabin for the weekend (or hopefully more).  In the winter, we look for ways to make that lake home or cabin even better. That’s why the Lake Home & Cabin Show is such a popular attraction every February. The 12th annual Lake...
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Window Treatments for the Lake

Window Treatments with a View There’s something about a lake view that’s good for the soul. Those peaceful mornings where the water is like glass. Hearing the call of a loon or the splash of a fish. Soaking in nature’s beauty. Rustic Landscape by Winchester Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC...
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Window Treatment Wednesday: Treat Your Cabin

What kind of window treatments are perfect for your cabin? Despite the chill in the air this week, it is officially that time of year—time to head to the cabin and open it up for the season. Whether your cabin is up in the woods, on a lake or in a prairie setting, you probably...
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Personalize Your Cabin

With the long Memorial Day weekend coming up, many of us are starting to get the car packed and ready to go for a nice, relaxing weekend at the cabin. Whether your cabin has been in the family for generations or is just newly constructed, it doesn’t hurt to take this first official weekend of...
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Decorating For The Fishing Lover

Fishing season is officially underway! For Minnesotans, fishing is more than just a leisurely past-time, it’s a lifestyle. So it’s no wonder the rustic and natural feel of most fishing cabins have trickled down into our year-round homes. Just leave the fishy smell out on the lake please! In the past, before transportation was as...
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