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Color center at Hirshfield's Eden Prairie

Color center at Hirshfield's Eden Prairie

At Hirshfield’s, we don’t treat our customers well just for the recognition. We do it because it is part of our mission to share our knowledge and ensure that every customer is treated with respect. However, letters like this remind us just how important exceptional customer service is. We always love hearing about our customers’ experiences with us, and we thank Chris for sharing his!

Great work Eden Prairie, truly an example of great customer service!

To Hirshfield’s Decorating Center in Eden Prairie:

I would personally like to recognize your store for providing outstanding customer service.  Every employee that I have worked with has been tremendous.  Your staff truly understands what it means to “put the customer first”.

Each employee demonstrates a complete knowledge about your product line.  Additionally, your staff is extremely friendly and has a great attitude.

I look forward to coming into the store, as I know that it is a positive atmosphere.  Your store is phenomenal when conducting business over the phone.

My painting needs have been very random this summer, and I have needed many gallons of paint spur of the moment.  Everyone has been very accommodating and easy to work with.  In my job, I have worked with many vendors this summer alone.

I have to say that Hirshfield’s is by far the best company that I have done business with in my four years in this position.  I am excited to continue buying paint from Hirshfield’s in the future.

In a society where customer service seems to be declining at times, the Eden Prairie Hirshfield’s location sure deserves to be recognized for achieving stellar customer service.

I have never taken the time to recognize any other vendor before, but I would not feel right without taking the time to recognize and thank the entire Eden Prairie team.  In particular, I would like to acknowledge and thank Grant, Robin, Jamin, Devon, and Diane.

All of the employees combined are what make the store so great.  I am sure that I have forgotten some, but these are the ones that I have had the privilege to work with.  I cannot thank each of you enough for continually helping me out with my paint orders.

Thank you for making ordering and purchasing paint such a wonderful experience.  Our building has never looked better with all of the fresh paint!  Thanks again for all that each of you do on a daily basis!  Your efforts are making a big difference!  Keep up the good work!


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