January Color of the Month: Sugar Dust White

Paint Color is Sugar Dust

Warm Off-White Paint Color with Yellow Undertones

Sugar Dust 0011
January Color of the Month

What better way to start the New Year than with a fresh slate, or rather, a fresh coat of paint on your walls? This month we celebrate our favorite warm color – the dreamy Sugar Dust. This off-white color evokes tranquility and a sense of peacefulness, making it a hands-down favorite among Hirshfield’s designers and staff. So, warm up this winter with a little Sugar Dust sprinkled throughout your home.

“Sugar Dust 0011 has just enough golden undertones to make it a warm off-white that works well in our Minnesota climate,” says Mark Masica, Hirshfield Color Services Manager.”

Sugar Dust 0011 paint color
Sugar Dust 0011 is shown on the fireplace breast, ceiling, and trim | Cyndi Parker Interiors

Scandinavian Connection

It makes sense that we love this winter white illuminating on our Midwestern walls. Scandinavians designers use a great deal of white tones in their homes because of the lack of natural light in the cold winter months – something we know a bit about here in the Midwest.

Popular in many European countries, as well as Scandinavia and here at home, white works well throughout a house. Mark recommends off-white paint, like Sugar Dust, brushed on the walls of common areas such as foyers, living rooms, dining rooms and master suites – while shying away from these colors in family and kids rooms. Sugar Dust 0011 is also an excellent color option for woodwork and ceilings. Consider this warm, soft white rather than a traditional “ceiling white.”

Kitchen Cabinets painted with Sugar Dust 0011
Kitchen cabinets painted with Sugar Dust 0011| Introspects LLC
layering whites in a room
Varying tones and textures and adding layers, provides visual interest in this all white room | Sisustus Charm

White on White

White walls tend to make any color in a room stand out. Designers across the U.S. love Sugar Dust for its elegance, warmth, and sophistication, and are finding it a beautiful option for cabinetry as well.

Just like with neutrals, you can layer whites in a room but it does take someone familiar with the nuances of paint undertones. “Layering off-whites can create a beautiful, elegant effect, but also can be a little tricky,” adds Mark. “It’s sometimes done best with the help of a professional.”

Just ask the staff at your local Hirshfield’s for assistance in selecting the best paints and best whites.

Photo from Elitis wallcovering
Kathy Basil (Hirshfield’s Design Studio) feels this photo tells the “white story” layering whites and textures | Elitis Wallcovering

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