Window Treatments on a Budget

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Beautiful Window Treatments That Only Look Expensive

Are you thinking of changing your outlook on the world with new window coverings but concerned about breaking the bank? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Whether you are thinking about fabric drapery or hard treatments like shutters and blinds, these tips can help you manage the cost of window treatments and help you stay on budget with an array of style design.


Windows Count

It can be challenging to estimate what you need when you consider the sheer volume of windows in your home. Count the number of windows per room and then the number of rooms in your house. Surprised? If it’s more than you expected, the best way to manage your budget may be to manage your priorities.

Who better to offer insight and tips on how to manage the cost of window treatment projects than the Hirshfield’s window treatment and design expert, Shannon Scarrella? She answered these key questions that will help you save time and money:

Where to begin?

Typically we focus on main rooms – the rooms guests see first. For your main room, think of the room that you use the most: kitchen, dining or living room. Start here and move on to another room at another time.

Every window?

Not every window, but we’d be happy to help with all of them. Consider covering windows that view a neighbor’s window, or the ones that can block the evening sunset or morning sunrise. Have you ever tried sitting at a table to read a newspaper, or have dinner, and the sun is glaring in right at your eye level? Yep, those are good windows to cover!

Fabric or shades?

If you have existing treatments and are on a budget, let’s add fabric to change the space and update the room. Or work with the base layer first – typically any hard treatment (anything by Hunter Douglas). If you have a window that doesn’t really have a need for privacy and or sun control, then go ahead and look at fabric options.

Products to love

I am a big fan of the “horizontal” products. Anything that I can tilt open or closed works and gives versatility. I don’t like the feeling of shutting everything out. I like the versatility a horizontal option gives from light and privacy control. Products that work for this are Modern Precious Metals, Real & Faux Wood Blinds and Silhouette Window Shadings. These products will cover a wide range of budgets.

Silhouette Shadings by Hunter Douglas
Silhouette Shadings by Hunter Douglas

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