Interior Trim 101: Five Fool-Proof Whites for All Your Rooms

Room painted Simply White interior trim 101 five pool proof white for all your rooms

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Picking a trim color can be tricky. You want one color to tie all of your rooms together, but you also need to complement the colors in each of those rooms.

The answer is off-white, right? Not so fast.

If you’ve ever tried a white with a green undertone in a pink-toned room (or maybe cream with red undertones in a blue room),  you realize that all whites are not created equal. Some are much more neutral than others.

So, we turned to experts from our Hirshfield’s stores —Felicia from Baxter and Faye from Wayzata — for some of their favorite fool-proof whites that will work in any room.

3 Fool-Proof Trim Colors from Benjamin Moore

Simply White OC-117

White Dove – OC-17

Linen White 912

Simply White | Benjamin Moore
Simply White | Benjamin Moore

Simply White is Benjamin Moore’s 2016 Color of the Year. “Simply White is a warm white, and it felt to us the cleanest and the most versatile. It looked fresh with a warm palette or a cool palette.” – Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore’s Creative Director

It’s a shade lighter than White Dove, but both colors go with just about everything. Why? Because they don’t pull out any undertones.

White Dove OC-17
White Dove OC-47 and Flint AF-560 | Benjamin Moore

A local luxury home builder uses Linen White 912 in all their homes. Another trim color that looks good with everything! A decorator favorite, this light, creamy off-white is a never-fail neutral for walls, trim, doors, and ceilings. As clean and comfortable as fresh linen, it relies on a yellow undertone for added warmth.

2 Fool-Proof Trim Colors from Hirshfield’s

Sugar Dust 0011 

Queen Anne’s Lace 0558

Our experts love the versatility of Sugar Dust 0011, because it doesn’t swing towards pink or green undertones.

Georgian - Parade of Homes 2012
Sugar Dust 0011 | Credit: Cyndi Parker Interiors
But if you’re looking for a warmer color, then go with Queen Anne’s Lace 0558. With gray, gold, and brown undertones, it looks good with a multitude of paint colors.
Another option for trim is to use white in the main areas of your home and have some fun with a completely different trim color if you have a room or two that are separated from the rest, such as a bedroom or office.

No matter how much advice we give online, it’s always best to put the colors side-by-side. Stop by any of our Hirshfield’s locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and North Dakota to compare samples. We’ll certainly have some advice, because we love to talk about color.

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