Color of the Month: Seeing Green with Mother Nature 0746

Hirshfield's green paint Mother Nature

This has been the year of natural and organic shapes and textures — from organic shapes at High Point Market to organic textures in the latest Thibaut books. And now, our color of the month is truly inspired by nature. Mother Nature, to be exact. Mother Nature 0746 is Hirshfield’s Color of the Month for October.

Mother Nature Paint color
Mother Nature 0746

Mother Nature 0746 is a fashion-forward, organic color — a deeper green that sits somewhere between yellow-green and blue-green. We’re seeing this as an emerging trend color in fabrics, accessories, and wallpapers used as a deep neutral.

And we’re not the only ones with green on our minds. The Color Marketing Group picked Thrive as the North American Key Color 2017+.  And that’s the point. “Green is a color of growth, of newness, and of wellbeing,” says CMG , “and Thrive will be the hue to carry us forward.”

big croc wallpaper
This jumbo croc wallpaper pattern is fashioned after handbags and is stunning in real life. Hirshfield’s Design Studio carries the book.

Trend board at Hirshfield’s Design Resource


Credit: Heart Home

CMG says this fresh, well-balanced green grows beyond its eco-roots. Thrive is purposely balanced between light and dark, pale and strong. “As we move towards a new decade,” says CMG, “this green will establish itself as a colorful symbol for growth, strength, and endurance.”

Credit: Heart Home

Kathy Basil of Hirshfield’s Design Resource Showroom has noticed the jewel tones of the 1980s returning, yet slightly configured for today. Thrive and Mother Nature 0746 certainly fit that description.

New uniforms for Alitalia’s flight attendants. Photo courtesy of Alitalia from WAG magazine 

To see these colors, simply visit your nearest Hirshfield’s location. We love to talk about color.

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