Friday Finds: Top 12 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

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“Popular Benjamin Moore colors,”  “Benjamin Moore,” and “best-selling Benjamin Moore colors” are search terms people are using to find their way to Hirshfield’s Color Club blog. So here they are. Benjamin Moore’s most popular colors, starting with the top seller White Dove. If you are looking at traditional neutral colors for your home this is a good start. After the whites, creams, tans, and beiges you’ll find the two best-selling colors…thus twelve.

What are Hirshfield’s customers buying? We’ll let you know the best-selling Hirshfield’s Paint colors and Benjamin Moore colors in the next couple weeks.

Enjoy your weekend. Shop local. Thank you for your business.

November 17, 2011

Our list needs a quick touch-up…

The most searched paint colors, by visitors to the Benjamin Moore site, are still the majority of colors listed in this post from a year ago. Bumped from our list are: Putnam Ivory, Powell Buff, Concord Ivory, and Saybrook Sage.

The three colors new to the list are: Revere Pewter (HC-172), Hawthorne Yellow (HC-4) and Benjamin Moore’s Color of 2012 Wythe Blue (HC-143).

   revere pewter 


A light gray with warm undertones, this classic shade creates a unifying look that calms and restores. A great transitional color, it’s perfect for an open floor plan.

   hawthorne yellow


This historical color is reflective of traditional architecture, but also works beautifully in modern homes. The slight gray undertone makes it usable in any room.



   wythe blue
We have chosen wythe blue (HC-143) as Benjamin Moore’s 2012 Color of the Year. It’s a beautiful, calming hue that has an element of heritage that offers grounding rootedness, providing comfort and stability.
13 Responses
  1. Amy

    Wow! People really do go for the beige. I have heard that white dove is *the* color for painted trim, so I’m not surprised to see that at the top. The rest really surprised me.

  2. Lynn Waller

    I love to refer to the new Affinity colours by Benjamin Moore- there are some great colours, and they all go with each other. Awesome check it out

  3. Great info on BM top colors. I have always had luck with Benjamin Moore’s paints. I have used it for several times to decor the interior. It is the perfect neutral for any color combination. Thank you so much for your help.

  4. Shannon

    Whenever I do a color consult and customer’s have exisiting white painted woodwork, the closest color always seems to be White Dove. It isn’t too stark or too yellow of a white.

    1. Marsha


      Thanks for your insight. This will give people a starting point if they are matching or if they are considering painting their woodwork.

      Thanks for your comment.

  5. Deborah

    I’m looking for a great gray color for my hallway upstairs and down. My rooms downstairs are in BM cottonwood. any suggestions?

    1. Marsha

      A few questions for you. What do you have on your hallway floors? Carpeting, hardwood, linoleum, tile? Also, is your woodwork painted or stained? Any windows in the hallways?
      Will you double check the paint color, Cottonwood; I couldn’t find it in the Benjamin Moore fandecks.

      Thank you.

  6. gena barnett

    I am looking for a neutral gray for a new home with an open floor plan to the dining room. It has light from the north and the south and floors will be walnut hardwood, approximately 500 square feet and is a simple ranch style home for my son, who is 25.

    1. Marsha

      Michelle, from our Edina location, has these suggestions for you:
      All Benjamin Moore colors – the first two are from their Affinity Collection
      AF-685 Thunder – has a little warmth in it and will help pick up the wood tones of the floor
      AF-690 Metropolitan – cooler gray
      HC-87 Ashley Gray – little darker, a chameleon color, acts as a bridge between the grays and browns
      2111-50, 2111-60, 2111-70 – a bit more conservative
      See what you think, send a photo if you can, we would be happy to help you out.

  7. Are there any neutrals such as an antique white or white with a little yellow or tan in it. These whites up here look like they have some pink or peach in it. I am looking more for an off white but not on the pink or peach tint.

  8. Jill at Hirshfields

    I think your computer may not be showing the colors as they really are, Navajo White does not have a pink undertone and Linen White is a good color if you are looking for a white with a yellow undertone. One that is not listed would be AF-20 Marscapone by Ben Moore. Hope that helps!

    Hirshfields Southdale Location

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