Friday Finds: How to Paint for an Open Floor Plan

Choosing a color scheme for an open floor plan

Painting for an open floor plan.
Monochromatic paint scheme

My friend Melissa knocked out a wall in her home that used to separate the kitchen from the living and dining rooms. Her new open floor plan allows her and her husband to keep an eye on their young children while they’re in the kitchen, paying bills at the dining room table or working on a project. There are many advantages to an open floor plan—but figuring out how to paint such a large space can be a challenge.

When you’re choosing a color scheme for an open floor plan, start by thinking about the colors that you love—what speaks to you and makes you happy. Next think of the space and what atmosphere you’re trying to create—cozy and warm, cool and clean or fresh and light. Think about the furniture, floor coverings and other items in the room and your purpose for the space. Choose your color so that it will complement existing furnishings.

When it comes to painting, there are a few strategies to follow. One strategy is to choose varying shades of your favorite color and have the color change at a doorway, corner, staircase or other transitional spot within the open floor plan.

A second option is to choose a neutral paint color, and have your favorite color come into play as an accent color. A neutral could be warmer or cooler beiges, various shades of grays, navy, browns and whites.  Another option is to use a neutral throughout the entire space and accessorize with your favorite color. Your pops of color can be anything from a claret red to a sky blue, kelly green to a burnt orange, with pillows, throws, and other accents in the room incorporating the color as well.

Adding color with accessories

Next, go get some paint advice at Hirshfield’s! Working with open floor plans is sometimes hard to explain. Photos (love those ipads) are a great help. Actually seeing where the wall angles up in a kitchen or an existing color in the hall, makes it easier for our sales staff help you pick out paint colors.

When you have your top choices picked out you can take home the smaller swatches and see how they look in your room. Another option is to purchase sample pints or quarts and paint out the colors on our Simple Sample Boards. Either way, look at the colors at different times of day, next to each other and in both natural and artificial lighting. That should help you finalize your choice.

For more interior paint tips in Minneapolis, visit your local Hirshfield’s—there are plenty of experts on hand to give you pointers that will help you create the space that’s perfect for you and your home.

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