Window Treatment Wednesday: Best Choices for Bay and Bow Windows

Best Choices for Bay and Bow Windows silhouette_literise_den

When it comes to windows, bay and bow windows are unique because of the way they project from your home. They make a room feel bigger, increase natural light and add an interesting visual element to your home, but they can also be a challenge when it comes to finding the “just right” window treatment.

To help us with the issue of window treatments for bays and bows we turn to Shannon Scarrella, a Minneapolis window coverings expert at Hirshfield’s. She says that it’s best for her team to talk to homeowners about their goals for a window and its specific structure before determining the best option.

“Headrail sizes play an important role in bay and bow windows,” explains Scarrella. “It’s not something that homeowners necessarily think about, but headrail sizes and degrees of angle vary and we need to take deductions to accommodate it. For example, if the headrail is too large, deductions could cut into your level of privacy, so our designers work with installers to consider the degree of the angle and determine what would fit best.”

Bay windows normally have three sections and are angled, while bow windows typically have four, five or six sections and are curved. Scarrella says that homeowners should think about this when they’re mulling over possible window coverings. “Do you want cords hanging down from each window? Are all of the windows operable? By answering some of these questions, it will help us lead to the proper products,” says Scarrella. “Honeycomb and pleated shades still seem to work best, and both are available with cordless fit systems to give the window a cleaner appearance.”

If the bay window has a 1:2:1 ratio, the center window is twice as wide as the flanking windows. Knowing the angle of the bay and the size of trim surrounding the windows will help designers make the proper recommendations. Many treatments may be mounted directly into the headboard or “ceiling” of the bay frame.

Because bow windows project less from the home and have more separate sections of glass, some homeowners prefer to mount draperies or sheers outside the window on the wall above it.

Thankfully Hirshfield’s experts have great Minneapolis window coverings advice that can help. “Every home and homeowner has different challenges,” says Scarrella, “But fortunately we have experience on our side at the Shop at Home division. Rarely do I hear ‘I haven’t seen that window before.’

Whether you have a bay, bow, or other unique window, there are numerous options for window treatments. There are many options that will work for you and your home, allowing you to maximize the benefits of your bay or bow-window.

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