Friday Finds: Home Sweet Home

Here’s the story of a lovely lady…

This story warms my heart in so many ways: ingenuity, creativity, recycling, the want or need to express your personal sense of style, and my favorite, yard art. Olga lives in a small, isolated Russian village (north of Mongolia) and saved bottle caps until she had enough to cover her home. She crafted the designs after traditional macrame motifs and animals in her area. Pretty amazing, eh. You can read her story and see more photos here, but these insightful comments say it quite nicely:

Our magic comes from within, inspired by the world we inhabit and the resources we stumble across. How to teach people to listen to the small voice that guides them to the plastic bottle caps, and allows them to be viewed as beautiful? Olga? How did you do it?

Resourceful and fantastic. best things come from necessity and imagination.

Have a glorious weekend. And maybe you’ll think of Olga and be inspired to do something…big or small, it makes no difference.

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