Hirshfield’s Paint Experts Answer the Question, “What is Paint?”

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What is paint?

At one point or another, chances are you’ve used paint in some sort of application. Whether you finger-painted as a child, used watercolor paints in high school art class or painted the interior of your home, paint is a common medium for expressing creativity and adding beauty.

But what makes up the substance we refer to as “paint”? What gives it color and what separates a high quality paint from the bargain brands?

Jason from Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing in Minneapolis is here with all the answers!

Paint is basically made up of four ingredients:

  • Pigment
  • Polymers
  • Additives
  • Solvents

Once you have the base for your paint, color can be added. This process, known as tinting, is very precise and should be left to the experts. Your local Hirshfield’s paint expert will ensure that the color you pick out is the color in your bucket of paint!

Hirshfield’s is your local Minneapolis-St. Paul paint retailer. The paint experts at Hirshfield’s are here to help you with everything from window-treatments to paint colors. Hirshfield’s manufactures paint right here in Minneapolis.

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