Window Treatment Wednesday: Covering Large Patio Doors

Skyline window treatment
Averté knob option

Don’t know how to cover those large windows or patio doors? We are all very familiar with vertical blinds. You know those 3” wide fabric or vinyl strips that hang from a metal track. While they are very practical for these applications, they have been on the market a very long time. There are many new products that have been introduced the past few years that work great for those large windows, patio doors or even as room dividers.


Averté treatment by Dawn Feda

Averté is like a drapery for a patio door or large window. But unlike a drapery, this isn’t made with fabric. An Averté is made up of natural materials like grasses, reeds and bamboos. The uniqueness of these materials provides something very different than what we are used to seeing on large windows.  The track is grooved and allows small wheeled carriers to slide back and forth.  These small wheels allow you to operate the Averté quickly and effortlessly with your hand. There are no draw cords on the Averté. Combine this with a decorative wood track and the look is truly one of a kind. Averté is available at select Hirshfield’s  locations. To see one on display, visit Hirshfield’s Lakeville.


Skyline® Gliding Panels


Skyline® Gliding Window Panels

Skyline® Gliding Panels
Skyline® Gliding Panels from Hunter Douglas offer clean lines and a contemporary look. They allow for 11 ½” Panels or 17” Panels. The headrail system allows for panels to stack to one side, or split stack off the window. With over 187 color and fabric combinations available, there are plenty of fabrics to select from. The fabrics range from sheers to screens, textures to opaque. The Skyline® Gliding Panel fabrics also offer options in roller shades for coordinating the look of a room.


Sienna with Long-Vue

Sienna with Long-Vue
There are many names for this type of treatment, but in short it is a honeycomb shade done vertically. The honeycomb fabric is placed between two rails that slide along a track.  There are no exposed cords and you get all the energy efficient benefits of a honeycomb shade. Even better…when the Long-Vue is stacked open to one side, the stack is approximately 6 ½.

Vignette™ Traversed with Vertiglide™

Vignette™ Traversed with Vertiglide™
This is a newer concept on the market from Hunter Douglas. Hunter took their ever popular Vignette Roman Shade and created a vertical application…the Vignette™ Traversed with Vertiglide™. By doing this, they offer the soft fold of a fabric with a mechanism built for large windows. With 11 fabrics and 75 fabric and color combinations, there is a nice selection to choose from; it also comes standard with a fabric-covered headrail and side rails.

So next time you are thinking of covering those large windows, know there is more out there than a “vertical.”

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Guest post by Shannon Scarrella, manager of  Hirshfield’s Shop at Home

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