Window Treatments that Warm a Room

Insulated Window Treatments

Create a Cozy Home Vibe with Window Treatments

It’s the time of year in Minnesota that we aim for cozy – as in warm and cozy. When the temperatures plunge to the single digits (sometimes above zero, sometimes below), we Minnesotans seek ways to stay warm both physically and emotionally, and that extends to the confines of our homes. By adding warm colors and textures to our surroundings, we can feel warmer. And with window treatments, that even extends to the insulated materials that can literally keep the cold out and the heat in. So, here are our favorite ways that window treatments can warm a room in a Minnesota winter. 

Warm Textures

Textured treatments are really hot this season and are available in every window treatment option. “Homeowners can expect to see everything from subtle to heavy texture,” says Shannon Scarrella, Hirshfield’s window fashions manager. “Metals have brushed or hammered looks to them,” she adds. “Vignette, Silhouette and Duette are all available in materials that look like silk, have slubs, or a linen appearance. Combine the texture with the rich colors that are available, and you can create a feeling of warmth rather easily.”

Warm Colors

Minnesota homes tend to have a lot of oak woodwork, which works well with warm paint colors as well as warm colored window treatments and blinds. Shannon says Silhouette by Hunter Douglas is a terrific collection to consider. The collection has greatly expanded over the years, offering textures, colors and colored sheers!

When it comes to a treatment collection that makes a room “feel warmer” through color, Shannon immediately points to the Chateau collection – available at Hirshfield’s. The names of the colors alone will make warm you. Mediterranean Sand, Cappuccino, and Creole Spice are some of the colors that are available. Shannon says by adding the colored sheer with them, the sunlight that enters the room appears to have a “warm” glow.

Insulated Treatments

Newer homes are better insulated than ever before, however they – along with the many of the beautiful older homes across the state – can benefit from having insulated window treatments, especially during our brutal cold snaps. Shannon shares that Duette Architella (a cell within a cell) offers the most energy efficient window treatment made by Hunter Douglas. Combine that with the warm colors and textures discussed above, and you truly have a warm window!

Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

There has been great innovation in window treatments, offering beautiful style and design as well as function and efficiency. You can check them out at any of our 15 showrooms throughout the state, and at our retail stores in Eau Claire and Fargo.

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