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summer paint colors for your home

Heat up your home with these uplifting color combinations of glowing summer oranges and desert-inspired neutrals — the perfect color scheme for bedrooms and living spaces. With some inspiration and a few easy steps, you too can bring the inviting warmth and energy of the sun into your home.


Hirshfield's Paint Colors


Orange livingroom wall

The colors you choose for your home should reflect your sunny personality. We love the bold energy of Lava Lamp 1033 and Casa De Oro 1026, this season’s must-have for a feature wall. Style with furnishings in warming neutrals for a crisp and modern finish.


Neutral Bedroom by Hirshfield's

Too much color for you? Flip it around and choose a neutral like Desert Mirage 0231 or Drifting Sand 0218 for your room’s backdrop. Desert Mirage is an easy mid-tone gray with warm undertones that creates the perfect chilled out vibe while keeping your room light and fresh. Layer in color with sun inspired soft textiles like blankets, pillows and rugs.


living Room paint colors by Hirshfield's

Try the rich warmer gray of Drifting Sand for larger living room walls. The cocooning nature of this darker neutral paired with lots of natural light is guaranteed to create a calm and inviting mood. To balance this darker wall shade, opt for a tonal partner with Desert Mirage upholstered pieces.

This selection of scorched oranges and gentle neutrals inspire a fresh color scheme with a variety of application ideas. Create calm and relaxing spaces by layering our muted, warm grays and inject some contemporary flare with the duo of standout vibrant hues.


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