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See color on the exterior of your house BEFORE you paint!  It’s easy with our online digital design board program!

Online Exterior Consultation

Find your perfect color in 3 easy steps:

PROGRAM DETAILS:  Hirshfield’s $99 Online Exterior Color Consultation

Paint may be the least expensive decorating product you can purchase to dramatically change the look of your home. But for many it comes with a high price: color anxiety. If you are losing your way in the quest for color or agonizing over countless paint chips that are looking all the same, Hirshfield’s Online Color Consultation provides a simple, efficient, and cost-effective solution to color anxiety — all in the comfort of your own home.


Get the perfect paint colors for the exterior of your home.  You take the picture of your house, upload to our site, tell us about your style and the areas of the exterior (like siding, trim and doors, etc) that you want to paint and we’ll send you 6 amazing choices paint color choices “digitally painted” within the photo you send.  The online service includes a personalized 10 minute phone consultation with a Hirshfield’s Colorist.

Areas where we offer this service

Hirshfield’s offers Online Color Consultations to those customers who reside in our trade areas: Twin Cites greater metro area; Rochester; St. Cloud; Alexandria; Brainerd Lakes Area; Bemidji; Eau Claire; Bismarck; Fargo; Minot; Sioux Falls.

It’s a simple process to begin
  1. You’ll need to complete a registration form for your contact information.
  2. Choose the exterior areas you are painting, your paint brand choice (Hirshfield’s Paints or Benjamin Moore Paints) and upload your room photo.
  3. We’ll also ask you to answer a few brief questions so we can learn about you and your personal style and the character of your home’s exterior.
  4. And lastly, you’ll submit payment for this service ($99).
Once you submit your photo, our work starts

Once we’ve received your uploaded photo and the completed submittal form we get busy.

Within 36 hours you’ll be looking at our recommendations

In about 36 hours you’ll receive a set of six Digital Design Boards for your review:  six different colors “digitally rendered” on the exterior elements within the photo you provided.

Upon your request, Hirshfield’s will mail to you sample chip/swatches of the paint color or colors you select from the Design Boards.

Service includes personalized 10 minute phone consultation

Hirshfield’s Online Color Consultation service also includes a personal 10 minute phone consultation with one of Hirshfield’s Colorists. You’ll be provided the necessary information to contact us to arrange your complimentary phone consult.

As always, you can visit one of our stores for additional color advice.

Coupons and discounts

Plus, you’ll get a coupon for FREE Color Sample pint of any paint color you choose. And you’ll be eligible for additional discounts on select paint products as a member of the “Online Color Consultation” COLOR CLUB.


We’ll create designs using ANY exterior picture you take, but feel free to look at our Quick Visual Guide below to get tips on how to take a picture that will give you the best results.  When you’re ready to get started, please remember that we will be asking you to UPLOAD YOUR EXTERIOR PICTURE.  Take your room photo first.  

Before You Photograph

Cell phone cameras have come leaps and bounds over the years.  Modern smart phones take great photographs, so feel free to use your phone’s camera when taking a picture of your room.

First, you’ll want to properly set up your exterior photo by moving vehicles, closing the garage door and clearing away clutter.   Plants and decorative flora can get in the way of the seeing all the features, removing them, if possible, or changing the angle of the photo to show more of the house makes for a better visualizer experience.   

While You Photograph

It’s best to photograph on a sunny day when the sun is fully shining on the exterior side of the house you are photographing.  Photos on an overcast day may distort the color appearance in the rendering.

Try to take a landscape photograph. Portrait (or tall) photographs often don’t show enough of the home.

Avoid taking wide-angle photos as they will distort the features and affect the final output.

We will process any photo, but do your best to avoid dim lighting, blurriness, and pixelation within the photograph as those defects will be present in the renderings as well.





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