How To

Exterior Painting Tips

Choosing Exterior Colors

Consider these hints for successful exterior color combinations:

1) Start by focusing on two or three colors:
a. Body or siding color.
b. Trim color (fascia, windows, overhangs, etc.).
c. Accent color (doors or shutters).

2) Typically two colors are used on a single story, three colors on 1½ or two story home. While,
victorian style homes can handle more colors.

3) Remember to acknowledge surfaces not to be painted in your color scheme e.g. roof, brick, stucco, etc. You should select colors that will enhance these surfaces; even the landscaping and terrain should be considered.

4) Remember to consider how your house color will effect your neighbors home and the streetscape; moreover, how it will enhance the curb appeal.

5) Be aware of the roof color. Homeowners are not going to change it until absolutely necessary. Don’t ignore the color, instead acknowledge it in your color scheme.

6) Generally colors look lighter outside that the samples look in the store or your home. Exercise caution when working with yellow or pink as they usually appear brighter.

7) Color preferences for the exterior are going lighter. Gone are the heavy colors like brown or murky green. Light to medium values colors are emerging. Use the Light Reflective Value* charts to help determine your choice.
0% = Black
50% = Midtone
100% = White
*e.g. The higher the number (LRV) the lighter the color.

8) Soft contrasts in color combinations are in with tone on tone house and trim body colors replacing the once popular light – body, dark trim combination. The use of soft contrast color combinations can make a home seem larger. Monochromatic schemes will also enhance the size of your home.

9) Use color to create individuality. Especially important in neighborhoods of similarity styled houses. Donít paint your home the same as your neighbors.

10) Finally, always purchase quarts and try the color scheme you think will work. Follow your instinct; try a test area and live with it for a few days and solicit opinions.