Paint Tips

Friday Finds: Accenting the Exterior of Your House

When you’re painting the exterior of your home, it can be tempting to use an accent color for your garage door. However, Faye from the Woodbury Hirshfield’s has some expert advice — don’t! “Your garage door is likely not the most interesting thing you can draw attention to,” she says, “and an accent color should...
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prepping a room for painting

Painting Prep: Taping a Room Successfully

Painting a room is more than picking out the right shade to fit your home’s personality. Preparation is vital to ensure that the project is easy and mess-free, so taping the room is a must. Here are a few helpful hints on taping a room to guarantee your paint-job is clean, quick, and stress-free.
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Painting brick

How do You Paint Brick?

Painting brick isn't for everybody. But if you don't like the color or texture of your brick, here are some tips on the brick painting process.
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Whitewashing brick

When to Paint on Brick

Brick is a beautiful thing – unless you dislike the color of it. Here's how to decide whether or not to paint your brick interior or exterior.
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Primed walls

Do I Need to Use Primer?

With so many combination Paint & Primer formulas, do you even need to use primer? The answer is, it depends.
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Can of Natura Paint

Breathing Easy With Zero VOC Paint

Choosing a No VOC paint used to mean sacrificing quality. This is no longer true! Learn more.
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Wooster Paint Brush

New Paints Need New Brushes

How to choose the right brushes and roller covers for no VOC or Low VOC paints.
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Peeling Paint example

Friday Finds: Problems with Peeling Paint

Peeling paint is an eyesore to look at and a pain to work on. Here are some tips.
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Low and No VOC Paints are Perfect for Winter Projects

Odor-free indoor painting solutions So you decided to put off that indoor painting project for the winter, eh? You figure it’s a good use of your time when the temperature is 10-degrees outside, right? Well, that “great idea” for many new painters is perfect up until the first coat goes up and the scent of...
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