New Benjamin Moore Products: Molten Metallics

Benjamin Moore Molten Metallics

Molten Metallics was discontinued in the early part of 2021. Call one of our stores to check availability as we may have stock left…or email mrh@hirshfields.com.

Benjamin Moore has introduced Molten Metallics, a new addition to its Studio Finishes portfolio of specialty paints. The name of this new paint product evokes the end result: a surface imitative of a hand-hammered metal.

The Molten Metallics paints provide a look worthy of an artisan, but achieved by any do-it-yourselfer. Turn any outdated piece of furniture into glimmering gold or silver worthy of an Olympic medalist. The full line of colors includes: Gold, Copper, Bronze, Gun Smoke, Silver, and Charcoal.

Benjamin Moore Molten Metallics

Before Painting

  • Do you have paint thinner/solvent if you plan on reusing your brushes? If not, soak dried paintbrushes in hot vinegar for 30 minutes to clean them. Then rinse with hot, soapy water to remove this high gloss paint.
  • Protect your hands with disposable gloves if you’re prone to straying outside the lines. Molten Metallics sticks well!
Benjamin Moore Molten Metallics
What will you craft with Benjamin Moore’s Molten Metallics?

Start Painting!

  • As with any new paint, it’s a good idea to begin painting on a test board so you can become accustomed to the color before committing to your permanent project. Molten Metallics paint is no exception. Practice makes perfect!
  • Tint a primer to get a base coat of the color (so you don’t feel forced to apply the first coat too thickly) and make sure the surface is smooth. It is a very high gloss so imperfections in the surface beneath the coat will stick out a bit.
  • Follow the directions on the can and paint two or three THIN coats rather than trying to get away with one thick coat.
  • If possible, paint the surface laying flat. Molten Metallics looks best when the pull of gravity does not get in the way. If your item must remain standing, paint with extra thin coats.
  •  Use a natural bristle brush if you’re brushing, or a foam roller if you are rolling. The orange “whizzflock” by Wooster gave us the best finish.  Finish/tack-down/back roll in ONE direction and make sure to keep a wet edge to avoid lapping. Don’t feel rushed, as there is plenty of open time with the product.
  • Be patient! Wait for the first coat to dry completely before moving on to the second.

Post Painting

  • Clean your brushes right away unless you desire an equally metallic, but useless paintbrush.
  • Show off your handiwork! You have now completed a personalized, custom, metallic masterpiece!

Molten Metallics is sold in quarts, $22.95, or pints $15.95 MSRP. Stop by your local Hirshfield’s store to pick up a pint!

A cardboard letter dressed up in the gold Molten Metallic color. And this $3.99 Good Will cabinet painted bronze and silver. Perfect for a vinyl collection!

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