Baseball Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom with a baseball theme

Bedroom ideas for the baseball fan.

Today we’re thinking about diamonds—but not the precious gems. We’re discussing baseball diamonds as the season’s opening day approaches. If you have a baseball fan in your house, here are some ways you can reflect their love for the sport in your home.


This room uses a bold paint choice for the bunk beds and baseball themed linens to carry out its theme. The sheets, pillowcases and accent pillows add a touch of the sport without being overwhelming. The bats and balls by the window are a nice touch—you can easily imagine the kids who live here grabbing them and running outside to play catch.


Painted stripes on the wall add visual interest and bring to mind baseball uniforms. You can also take stripes to the floor and add a pop of color with a bright accent wall.

Whether you like stripes or solids, if you’re looking for paint advice in Minnesota, North Dakota, or Wisconsin, your local Hirshfield’s is a great resource. Our paint experts can give you ideas, insight and tips for painting your home and delighting your baseball fan.

Bold Artwork

The mural over the bed grabs your attention and also doubles as a headboard. Because the mural is in black and white and simple, It comes off as artistic and cool, not gaudy.

Items as Art

You can also repurpose practical items as artwork. This homeowner created a dugout feel with lockers for storage, a bench, even a small part of a fence to bring together the baseball vibe.

We know that sports fans can be die hard about their favorite pastime. If you want to take their appreciation for a sport and let it really shine, you might keep decorating with a sports theme in mind.

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