Friday Finds: Basketball Themed Decor

Basketball themed bedroom

March Madness

College basketball fans love their teams, and March Madness can get intense. A friend of mine scheduled surgery at its onset so he could recover while watching the games. I read an article claiming that lost worker productivity costs companies $1.7 billion during March Madness—although that statistic’s validity has been debated. Either way, March Madness is coming and basketball fans are gearing up for some great action on the court. Bring some of that excitement home with you and try these basketball inspired rooms.


Younger fans might take their love for basketball and, while they’re still young enough to carry it off, apply it to the décor in their bedrooms.

You can have subtle touches of your basketball theme, implementing accent pieces here and there—an autographed, framed jersey on the wall; a vintage leather basketball; maybe picture frames.

Credit: Julie Ranee Photography © 2012 Houzz


basketball theme rooms

You can also use paint to augment your theme. For example, choose one of your team’s colors and incorporate it into an accent wall. A Blue Devils fan? An accent wall of royal blue would be a perfect fit. Are the Minnesota Gophers your favorite? They have a chance to get invited to the big dance this year—a wall of paint in maroon or gold would be a strong way to show your enthusiasm for the team.

Continuing on the theme of your favorite team, you can find bedding in the team’s logo and colors. You could also just have a throw at the end of the bed as a nod to your team.

Game and Rec. Rooms, Man Caves

The other space that’s a natural showcase for your school or team pride is a game or recreation room or a man cave. The TV focus, bar, pool table, dartboard and other items that may be in the room lend it a sportier focus. Again, you can use accessories, sports paraphernalia, team gear and paint to give your space energy and pull together the basketball and sports theme.

Sports Court

I was recently driving past a new luxe home for sale and noticed that the sign outside touted its sports court. Once a home space reserved mainly for professional athletes, more high-end new homes have sports courts for the everyday person. It can definitely be an asset in the Midwest during winter, especially for active families. Looking for sports court options? MillzHouse features indoor and outdoor projects on their website you can check out.

Homes are meant to be a welcoming, warm, inviting space for everyone who lives there—active kids, teens and sports-loving adults included. Giving a space a sports theme can make those sports lovers in your life feel like the house reflects their interests and dreams, too.

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