Window Treatment Wednesday: Meet the Hirshfield’s Experts



Designer spotlight on Becky Eggers.

I’m in awe of people who have a natural eye for design. You know the type—they can walk into a house and know exactly what colors would look perfect here, what accessories would add just the right pop there, how to reuse an item from one room to pull a look together elsewhere in the home. It’s amazing!

Hirshfield’s Becky Eggers has both a natural eye for design plus years of expertise, starting with a degree in textile and design. She’s been with Hirshfield’s for more than 30 years, working in sales and design resource, in addition to planning and managing two of Hirshfield’s décor departments. You can find Becky at Hirshfield’s Design Resource Showroom where she runs the designer program for Window Fashions. Becky works with architectural firms, independent designers and their clients in the selection of window treatments; having Hunter Douglas products is a great addition to the product offerings at the design showroom.

Her area of expertise is hard window treatments. “I always ask our customers about what’s important to them regarding their window treatment selection,” says Eggers. “What’s important—function or aesthetics? Do they need room darkening, privacy, options that block UV rays, or something that provides a design detail? Maybe it’s a combination of both design and function.”

Eggers loves to take on the challenge of finding the perfect solution for her customers, ideally a window covering that reflects the personality of the homeowner, gives them the desired function, and maybe includes a twist. “I love to take it up a notch and do something a bit unexpected—that’s my favorite part of the job,” says Eggers.

Although urban style is her favorite, she appreciates all styles of design as long as they’re designed well and reflect a customer’s personality. “Window treatments are very detailed and specs change often,” says Eggers. “It’s my job to keep up with new specs, new trends, and make sure that the window treatments contribute to a room’s overall design.”

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