Friday Finds: Beat The Heat with Hunter Douglas’ Duette Architella

A couple of years ago my neighbor across the street had to take down the huge maple tree in their front yard. Why am I telling you this? I no longer have the canopy of my neighbor’s tree to filter the sun, and shade my home from the afternoon sun. Before the tree went down my...
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Decorating the Outdoors Like the Indoors

We’ve talked about bringing the outside in when it comes to decorating, but we haven’t yet talked about bringing the indoors out. It may seem strange to create an outdoor living space that mimics the inside of your house, but we think we can sway your opinion with these ideas. The hearth is the heart...
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Don’t be Beige

July is National Anti-Boredom Month – a month that celebrates all things bold and exciting. Basically all things that are not “beige.” But beige doesn’t have to be boring. If done correctly, beige can be an interesting color that serves as the perfect backdrop for the rest of your design. Although beige is synonymous with...
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interior barn door

Friday Finds: Interior Sliding Barn Doors

    I have been crushing on interior sliding barn doors for a couple of years; the interest level ebbs and flows, but never completely goes away. It’s the look of the barn doors that captured my heart. The many different door styles, finishes, and the marvelous hardware. I want it all.
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French Design

On July 14th we celebrate Bastille Day, the French national holiday commemorating the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789, marking the beginning of the French Revolution. To honor this important day in history, we suggest you pour yourself a nice glass of wine and enjoy this look back at the history of French design…...
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Friday Finds: Creating an Outdoor Living Space

Longing to add more usable living space to your current home? Wishing you had more room to entertain? Dreaming of an excuse to spend more time outside, enjoying the summertime weather? You don’t need to move to a new home or invest tons of money into your current home to make all of these things...
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Friday Finds: DIY Carriage Garage Doors

 What’s the first impression people have of your home? For many homeowners it’s their garage door as it’s placed closer to the street than the rest of the house. Beth (Hirshfield’s Woodbury) fell in love with this great DIY project and wanted to share it with our readers. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home’s...
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Friday Finds: House of Turquoise Dream Home Tour

Be still my beating heart. House of Turquoise did a week-long blog tour of this Utah reader’s dream home. Cristi and her husband Jeff recently finished this incredible house and then shared photos with House of Turquoise. Cristi’s inspiration? Her design file filled with favs saved over the years and House of Turquoise. This Friday...
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Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing Tour

Did you know that gallon of Hirshfield’s paint you just purchased was manufactured right here in Minneapolis? Hirshfield’s employees live where they work and serve their communities with high quality products that are innovative, environmentally friendly and made right here in Minnesota.  
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Friday Finds: The Anniversary Collection by Thibaut

Celebrating Thibuat’s 125 years in business, the company is honoring its past with a traditional collection of document prints and designs. Thibaut has taken inspiration from antique documents, embroideries, maps, and textiles gathered from countries around the world;  reinterpreting the patterns to reflect the creative and distinct look of a Thibaut wallpaper and fabric. Also, with...
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