Friday Finds: Interior Sliding Barn Doors

interior barn door
Apartment Therapy – Photo Josh Howell


Trustile Barn Door


DIY inspiration from Boots & Totty

I have been crushing on interior sliding barn doors for a couple of years; the interest level ebbs and flows, but never completely goes away. It’s the look of the barn doors that captured my heart. The many different door styles, finishes, and the marvelous hardware. I want it all.

In addition to its good looks, Apartment Therapy shares the many purposes the sliding barn door serves:

  • No door swing – sliding doors save space because they don’t need the 5-10 square feet of floor area where the doors swings from open to close.
  • Space dividers – large sliding doors can actually act as room dividers, transforming the function or feel of a room in one easy step.
  • Art piece – as seen in this collection, sliding doors often act as functional art.
  • Opportunities for affordable and creative reuse – old doors or lumber can be reused in a new way, saving resources and money!
  • Not just for doorways – sliding doors are also great solutions for pantries, shelving units and media centers!

Would you put an interior sliding barn door in your home? Painted or stained? A neutral color or would you paint it a bright color like some of the doors shown in the roundup? I have a spot picked out in my home and my contractor is coming over next week. I’ll see what he thinks of my idea.

Here’s a link to an article the Star Tribune ran on interior barn doors .

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  1. Meg

    Fantastic post. A painted barn door is my pick. Can’t decide if it would match the walls or if I would paint it an accent color.

    1. Marsha


      I found the post and the rug is “vintage Navajo.” Here’s the link: http://tinyurl.com/7akru2k
      That photo is one of my all-time favorites-it is perfection; and I’m usually not a fan of the southwest look. I’m thinking your next vacation should be Navajo country.

    1. Marsha

      You can go on-line and google interior sliding barn doors and find lots of options. I found Real Carriage Door Company in Washington-they have a portfolio of their installations and looks like a reputable company. Shipping will get expensive.
      Also, residential architects, remodelers, cabinet makers, woodworkers in your town, would all be great resources. Start asking questions, have a photo ready to show of what you have in mind. Good luck and send us a photo if you go ahead with your idea.
      Men don’t seem to “get” the interior barn door concept, just ignore them.

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