A Shout Out to the Mpls Contractor Service Center



We think we have some great people working at Hirshfield’s and it’s always nice when our customers agree with us. Thanks, Elliot for exceeding this customer’s expectations.

Hi Steve,
I wanted to take a moment and let you know you have a great team.  Your staff is always extremely helpful and pleasant while doing so.  I would also like to make specific mention about Elliot.  At approximately 4:30pm on Friday 11th, I called regarding a gallon of paint that was requested.  The paint was prepared and waiting but I would not be able to get there before closing at 5:00pm.  Elliot went out of his way to deliver the paint to the hotel.  This action was above and beyond what you might expect.  It also saved me a trip and allowed us to execute a project that was planned for the weekend.

Thank you
A. V.
Maintenance Manager
Marquette Hotel

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