2016 Bachman’s Fall Ideas House: Bar Shed Tour

Bachman's bar shed exterior
The Drunken Hen


Welcome to The Drunken Hen, one of the highlights of this year’s Bachman’s Fall Ideas House. It’s an Outdoor Beer Pub, located in the space formerly reserved for the She Shed, Kid’s Clubhouse, and the chicken coop.


The Outdoor Beer Pub taps into (pardon the pun) another fun trend, pub sheds. There’s a popular website in Britain with a Shed of the Year competition, and there’s even a company in Boston that rents out inflatable backyard pub sheds for parties.

Bar Sheds For Rent in Boston | ThePaddyWagon.com

But why travel to Britain or Boston when we have this wonderful example in our own (well, technically, in the Ideas House’s) backyard?

Enjoy our virtual tour:

The space formerly known as the She Shed
Galvanized round wall shelves as additional beer storage




Other features of the Outdoor Beer Pub include:

  • Solar caps added to beer bottles for outdoor lighting
  • Twig wreath decorated with beer bottles and floral wire
  • Vintage wallpaper table as wall art
  • Upside-down galvanized buckets used as pendant lights
  • Salvaged oak frame turned into a chalkboard menu
  • Beer caps used as filler in floral vase
  • Vintage copper chicken mold used as wall art
  • Roll of craft paper used as a “doodle pad” table runner
  • Beer lights filled with rock to use as a candleholder

This year’s Bachman’s Fall Ideas House is called “Warm Days, Cool Nights.” All of the rooms are painted with Hirshfield’s paints and they are decorated with mixed metals, Terracotta hues, and cool blues. You can visit the Bachman’s Fall Ideas House 7 days a week through Oct. 2.

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