A Wallpaper for Every Season

herringbone wallpaper A wallpaper for every season mural pattern
tin tile wallpaper bachman's
Spring 2016
wood plank wallpaper bachman's
Holiday Ideas House 2015
wood wallpaper bachman's
Holiday Ideas House 2015

Hirshfield’s has the pleasure of working with the dynamic design team that puts together the Bachman’s Ideas House each and every season. Hirshfield’s paints and wallpapers are featured as a backdrop for the creatively styled Bachman’s vignettes, table settings, and floral arrangements. I thought it would be fun to share the array of wallpapers used in the Ideas House over the years.

paisley wallpaper bachman's
Fall 2015
stone wallpaper bachman's
Fall 2015
geometric wallpaper bachman's
Spring 2015
Fall 2014
wallpaper fall 2014 bachmans
Fall 2014
spring 2014 wallpaper bachmans
Spring 2014
Bachman's winter 2011 wallpaper
Holiday Ideas House 2011
Spring 2013
bachman's wallpaper in 2013
Fall 2013
Spring 2012
Fall 2012
Summer 2011
Bachman's sunroom wallpaper
Holiday Ideas House 2010

Today is the opening of Bachman’s Fall Ideas House 2016 and the theme is “Warm Days, Cool Nights.” Sounds perfect, right? See you there.

The nonprofit partner to the Fall Ideas House is The Minnesota State Fair Foundation which preserves and improves the historic Minnesota State Fairgrounds, and supports State Fair agricultural, scientific and educational programs. Learn more about the MN State Fair Foundation.

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    1. Marsha

      I just now saw your post, but I was totally channeling/thinking of you today when I was taking pictures at the Ideas House. My focus is always the wall color and wallpaper and I try to get some decent shots-it’s hard with the lighting and I have the skills of a doorhandle. Your photos are taken with intent and always the thoughtful commentary. Anywhoo, I know you’re going to LOVE this Ideas House. I have my favorites, but I think this one is the best so far. Nice combination of old and new, the floral arrangements, table settings, etc., I could go on. Have a great weekend.

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