Tips for Choosing Paint Colors

Living Room with Farrow & Ball Paint
Living Room with Farrow & Ball Paint
All White #2005 and feature wall is London Clay #244 | Farrow & Ball

Choosing the perfect shade of paint to use in your home can be challenging, especially when you have to consider all the other things going on in your space – lighting, flooring, furniture, etc.  Here are some things to think about when choosing paint colors:

  • Just because you think a color is great doesn’t mean you should use it to paint a room: Rather than spontaneously buying paint and throwing it on the wall, step back and consider how the color will work in the larger context of the room and what that room is used for.  Even if you love a color, it may not be one that draws people in.
South Beach Style, Canadian House & Home, Ted Yardwood Photo
  • Don’t be afraid to put a little color on your ceilings: Ceilings are a great place to highlight architectural details or create a mood by painting them a color other than white.  If you’re apprehensive about testing this idea in a main room of your home, try it in a small room, such as a bathroom.  In fact, a small room will benefit from a colored ceiling, which tie everything together without darkening the room.
  • Use trendy colors, but put them on your walls rather than carpet or tile: Decor trends come and go, and it’s much easier, and cheaper, to change the paint color than the tile or carpet.  If someone is in love with a particular color, I suggest using paint for that color, because carpet, tile or flooring color is not so easily changed.
  • When painting an accent wall, make sure it’s the correct one: That is, don’t accent the wrong wall.  Painting an accent wall with a different color is a great, cost-effective option for accessorizing a room, but not all walls are appropriate to accent.  You want to use an accent color on the wall that has the least interruptions, such as windows or doorways.  Look around the room and find the wall that has some strong vertical architecture, and that’s usually the perfect wall for an accent color.
  • Begin your color journey: popular colors View some of our more from Hirshfield’s Paint and Benjamin Moore.

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