Time to Paint Those Plastic Shutters?

Shutters can add character, charm and overall curb appeal to any house. But after a hard winter, those quaint shutters may be in need of a little TLC. Or maybe you are just ready to update the look of your shutters by changing up the color. Either way, all it really takes is a fresh coat of paint to take your plastic shutters from dingy to delightful.



Here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes time to paint your plastic shutters:

  • The most important thing to keep in mind when buying or painting plastic shutters is to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper care. Some may need to be primed, while others may require a specific kind of paint. Most plastic shutters will call for a good quality, 100% acrylic paint.
  • Be cautious when going darker with the color of your plastic shutters. Darker colors absorb more light, causing the plastic to warp and ripple. You can always go lighter with your paint color, but consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or an exterior paint professional when considering going more than a few shades darker.
  • Older shutters need to be thoroughly cleaned and usually require a coat of primer before painting. When in doubt, always go with a coat of primer. It’s cheap insurance and can never hurt.
  • When selecting a color, keep in mind the colors of the shutters typically matches the color of the outside of the inside door. Meaning, if your front door (as opposed to your storm door) is painted red, your shutter would also be painted red. This creates harmony in the exterior color scheme of the house.

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