Simply Stated Accent Walls Can Make a Room

wallpaper by farrow & ball

I’ve painted my share of homes, primarily interiors. I’ve painted living rooms and re-painted them within a 36-hour period. I’ve painted oak trim, bedrooms, bathrooms, basements, living rooms, you name it — if it’s a room in a house, I’ve done it. That said, I get a little particular when it comes to color and style, although I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a color expert or designer.

Nevertheless, when my wife came home one day recently and told me she talked to a “designer” who said we should turn a couple of walls in our home into “accent walls,” I bristled and said, “Oh yeah? What’s an accent wall?” When she told me it involved wall paper, I really began to question her judgment. However, upon further review, it was an extremely easy job. No windows or doorways to cut around. No toilets to move or light fixtures to rearrange – in all, pretty straight forward project.

Farrow & Ball wallpaper
A wallpapered accent wall can really add dimension to your room – and it’s quick and easy.

I took a quick measurement of the walls, and ran up to Hirshfield’s to order the wall paper. Now, I realize calculating paper rolls is not a mystery, but it’s so much easier when you can bring in dimensions and have someone just tell you how much to order, which is one of the things I love about the people at Hirshfield’s. Anyway, the rolls of paper were delivered a few days later and the following weekend I hung the wall covering for our new accent walls and viola, our dining room was changed. So here comes the admission: the accent walls totally changed the feel of the room and took it from “ho-hum pedestrian” to memorable. I should also add here that along the way I was conned into having to replace the fixtures with “new” sconces that “match” the rest of the room. Whatever. The fact is, the designer was dead on, the accent walls now make the room and even the sconces put the ribbon on a great and simple update.

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