PVA Drywall Primer

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Hirshfield’s Contractor Select PVA Drywall Primer is a low odor, low VOC primer suitable for interior drywall and fully cured plaster and masonry surfaces. This product has excellent hide and good holdout properties. Contractor Select P.V.A. Primer is designed for use under all Contractor topcoats, providing a complete low odor, low VOC system. This primer may also be used under most conventional latex or alkyd top coats.

This P.V.A. primer should be used as a first coat for new plaster, drywall, concrete, and patching compounds.  This is an emulsion type product, therefore Hirshfield’s does not recommend it for priming new wood. Do not use where water or smoke damage is a problem. New plaster or concrete should be cured a minimum of 30 days, and have a pH of less than 9.


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